San Diego Performance

We were recently invited to attend the Lakeside Middle School spring concert, and were honored that the show choir performed
“Carry My Love”.

The school created a touching slide show to accompany the song. It was a montage of pictures of family members from the school community who are serving or have served. As the soloist was singing the first verse there were images of her Mother when she served in the Air Force. Not a dry eye in the audience. I had the honor of being invited to speak about Operation Gratitude after the performance. One disclaimer…I was introduced as the founder of Operation Gratitude…apologies to Carolyn Blashek!!
Jacob and I brought Operation Gratitude care packages for all the service members attending the concert and gave out 31 packages!

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“Brand New Day” and “Is It Bedtime Already?” have both won the prestigious

Parents’ Choice Award, placing them among “the very best CD’s that entertain and teach with flair, stimulate imagination and inspire creativity.”

Parents’ Choice Foundation has been reviewing and recommending quality children’s media for more than 33 years. According to Parents’ Choice Foundation, Nancy’s songs, “are all gentle, cheerful celebrations of the wonder of life. Levy’s songwriting, music and expressive voice… is simple and direct, with… thoughts, feelings and sentiments common to every youngster. Outstanding tracks include the imaginative play of ‘Spaceship to the Moon,’ the spooky fun of ‘Monster in My Room,’ the train song ‘Sleepysville Express,’ and the charming ‘Nancy’s Story,’ about a favorite doll. The album closes with a lush and lovely instrumental called ‘Peaceful Dreams’. ”

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Bumples Family First Blog

Bumples Family First Blog has written a wonderful review of our CDs! “Nancy Levy has taken children’s songs to a whole new level.”

“This collection is a must-have and I guarantee even you parents will fall in love with Nancy’s voice and the magic found within the pages of the book.” read more…

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We’re excited to be selling our CD’s and Book in some great stores and catalogs!

    • Friends in the Baltimore area can find us at The Store Ltd. at Cross Keys.
    • If you’re in Agoura Hills, CA come visit Carol Solomon’s Gallery of Gifts.
  • Our CD’s can also be found in the Kimbo Educational catalog. This is a highly recommended music and movement catalog for children.
  • Most recently, Raffia Boutique in Westlake Village, CA is now carrying our Music and Book.

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The Acorn Newspaper

The Acorn Newspaper has featured Nancy’s Circle of Friends and our charitable project for Operation Gratitude in a terrific news article.

“Nancy Levy of Agoura Hills has found a creative way to help her country” learn more…

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Nancy’s Circle of Friends actively supports several organizations

Nancy’s Circle of Friends actively supports several organizations and we’re especially excited to share our newest musical project benefiting Operation Gratitude. This organization has sent over 1,750,000 individually addressed care packages to U.S. Service Members deployed overseas, to their children left behind, and to New Recruits, Veterans, First Responders, Wounded Heroes and their Care Givers.




Operation Gratitude’s mission is to lift the spirits and meet the evolving needs of the Military and First Responder communities, and provide volunteer opportunities for Americans to express their appreciation to all who serve our nation. Each care package contains donated products and costs the organization $15.00 to assemble and ship.

Operation Gratitude has created the “Battalion Buddy” program to support the children of military Mothers and Fathers who are about to be deployed into harm’s way. Each Battalion Buddy Care Package contains a cuddly stuffed animal wearing a tag that says: “Hi Brave Young Warrior! I am your Battalion Buddy. I am here to cuddle with you while your Mommy or Daddy is away.” Over 150,000 children have already received their very own Battalion Buddy care packages!

So how does Nancy’s Circle of Friends fit in?

With a song of course! Nancy wrote a song called “Carry My Love” for Operation Gratitude. This song was written for the children and their deployed parents, highlighting the importance and meaning of the letters they write back and forth. (“…I draw wings on the backs of my letters that will carry my love to you…”) 100% of the proceeds from the download of “Carry My Love” will be donated to Operation Gratitude,


Mouse and our choir getting ready to record.


Cantor David rehearses with the children’s choir for our recording of “Carry My Love.” written by Nancy Levy

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“Carry My Love” was recorded with the same wonderful production team from our first 2 CDs, “Brand New Day” and “Is it Bedtime Already?” Arrow returned to work on this project as our Producer, and Jacob Levy returned as our Orchestrator and Arranger.

Their creative and technical gifts as well as their generosity are deeply appreciated.

We also have some new friends in our circle! Eric “Mouse” Johnson was the Recording Engineer for the Children’s Choir and Additional Vocals, and Mark Beasom was our male vocalist. Our gratitude to them both for their excellent work and generosity.

One of the great joys of this project was working with our amazing children’s choir. Our singers are members of Shirei Elohim, the Junior Choir from Temple Adat Elohim in Thousand Oaks under the direction of Cantor David Shukiar.

Cantor David was incredibly generous in helping to assemble this wonderful choir, and also with rehearsals and recording!

The members of our talented and hard-working children’s choir are: Emma Safier, Sarah Warner, Hayley Shukiar, Carly Shukiar, Madeline Stone, Sophia Stone, Andrea Levenson and Batya Conn.


A well deserved rest!!!

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